FurLuxuryGroup is an active participant and organizer of various charities and charity events. One of the most remarkable and memorable was the charity auction "Star Workshop" organized by designer Hermann Shalumov, with the participation of Russian -show business stars have created a unique collection of accessories made ​​of fur called «Star Glamour».


Handbags, stoles, muffs, hats, capes, swimwear and other exclusive items were made ​​of natural fur, Herman Shalumov developed jointly with famous guests, among them were: Anastasia Volochkova, Katya Lel, Lolita, Julia Bereta, Pauline Griffiths, Andrei Gubin, the group "Shpilki, "Julia Mikhalchik, a group of" Tootsi », Anasteisha group of" Omega ", group" Plasma ", Angel-A, Star Club (Sweden), Ivan Nikolaev, Sergey Zverev, Lena Usanova and many others..


The finale of the whole project was charity auction, which were sold fur accessories from the collection «Star Glamour». Proceeds from the charity actions and events are sent to the account of the Morozov Children's Hospital for the purchase of equipment and pharmaceuticals for hematology department № 14, where is passing the successful treatment of children suffering from leukemia. FLG provides jobs for people with disabilities in our factory Mary Belle.