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Herman Shalumov - designer, creator of his own fur line .A graduate of the studio NAFA (Toronto, Canada). Graduate of School of Design Alexander Vassiliev (Rome, Italy). Member of the Union of Designers of Russia. Winner of the state award "Professional of the Year." Commander of the Order «Peacemaker» where take II degree for his contribution to art.Person of the Year 2011 for his contribution to the Russian fashion industry. Being a descendant of a long line of furriers, whose history has begun from XIX century, Herman at an early age learned to work with natural fur, learning skills and professional secrets which are passed in his family from generation to generation. His first teacher was his mother - Mary Shalumova, known as a fashion designer whose models have become classics of Russian fur fashion. Since 2004, Herman began working on the creation of the design and the construction of fur clothing.


Experimenting with different types of fur, textures and finishes, the designer has created a collection that made ​​a strong impression on the fashion industry professionals. From 2005 to 2007 took place a number of high-profile fashion-shows, including a grand parade on Andrew Bridge and a unique fashion -show in the Kremlin. These events attracted a lot of attention to the work of the designer, using which Herman organized a charitable project to participate in that involved his friends - the stars of show business and cinema, to raise funds to help children with blood disorders. Soon, the designer has created his own clothing line of luxury fur under the Brand Herman Shalumov.


The concept of the brand is elegance, luxury and provocation - the aesthetics of modern extraordinary women, emphasized the natural beauty of natural materials. Noble fur, reptile skin, pearls, vintage fabrics lining of the 20's - 40's of the last century - taffeta, brocade, velvet and silk, the designer personally buys from antique shops in Rome and Paris. Discerning customers are appreciated as a rare approach to the creation of each garment. Today fur collection of Herman Shalumov is registered in Moscow in designer and trendy boutiques in New York and Dubai.