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Marry Belle - a legendary, large and modern fur factory on the European level created by a fashion designer Mary Shalumova fur clothing.

In the creative and production process fur factory Merry Belle advanced technology combined with the ancient art working with natural fur. The work of newest furrier and sewing equipment from Japan and Germany complemented furriers by handmade craftsmanship in factory. Fur Factory Marry Belle uses only high-quality, luxury furs purchased in the North American and Scandinavian fur auctions. For each coat experienced professionals from a variety of skins collect unique set , combines the texture and pattern of fur, allowing in the future creation of the perfect fur-coat. The product range includes a large number of classic and original models made of thin and light mink, karakul, beaver, wild cat, fox and sable. Individually for each client, a free fitting coat is created.


Working staff of the factory was formed more than 10 years! Working with natural fur: requires precision, concentration and professionalism. Among the best professional of the factory, students of Mary Shalumova due to her mentorship become professionals in their field. The unique capabilities of the factory Marry Belle - is an individual tailoring of coats. Consultation chief designer of the factory will help you make the optimal choice of the model, and fur trim, accessories and many other items. Specialists are adapting patterns so as the fur- coat emphasized the advantages of your figure and create the correct accents. Each clothing made ​​of natural fur is unique. Fur is precious material created by nature, which is why it is also called soft gold.